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IG Challenge 1 - May 1

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Easy Ways to Decorate your Bullet Journal

If you were to take a look at the original bullet journal website by Ryder Carroll, you’ll notice that the bullet journal is supposed to be simple and minimalist in its purest form. However, with the explosion of the bullet journal community in recent months, bullet journalists have really risen the bar on what bullet journals should look like. (Pinterest and Instagram are no help to this either.) And so, it’s become a thing that your bullet journal HAS to be decorated with pretty fonts and banners and full of color. Many feel intimidated by this citing that they have no artistic ability and they can never make their bullet journals look so pretty. I’m here to tell you that everyone has the ability to make their pages come to life with a few helpful tricks that ANYONE can do. So let’s begin with what I like to call my bullet journal cheats: easy ways to make your bullet journal look pretty without being an artist to begin with.

Now let me tell you, I am by no means a professional artist; I’ve just learned that by perfecting certain fonts, and doodles, you can make yourself look like a pro. Fake it till you make it, right?

So the best way I can even begin to explain this is by simply showing you what I’ve learned. In the video below, I go over easy tricks that you can use for lettering, headers, and separators. These are some simple tricks that I’ve learned along the way that I’m now passing along to all of you to not only feel inspired, but to bring out the inner artist you didn’t even know you had. Enjoy!

Daily Planning in my Bullet Journal


One of the questions I often get asked is, “how do you know what to include in your daily spreads?”.. but most importantly, “How do you make sure you don’t forget anything in your daily spreads?” I use what I would call a “trickle down” method, in which I refer to certain pages in my bullet journal, from which that information would be transferred over to my weekly spread, and then from there be transferred over to my dailies. So let me break this down and let’s begin!


The first place I refer to is my long term planning and brain dump pages, if there is anything there that needs to be included, it will then get transferred over in to my weekly spread. This is where I tackle ideas that I want to get done, and referring to the brain dump page, reminds me of goals or tasks that I want to take on, but never had the chance to do, so if I feel like taking on a particular task, I will include it.


I then refer to my monthly log to see if there are any events, appointments or important dates that I might have missed in my brain dump/ long term page. Just like with the that page, any event going on will be included in my weekly spread as well.


Then I transfer everything over to my weekly, in which I also include a special section for meal planning and anything else I need to make note of. I found having the weekly spread to be super helpful to me, as it provides a general overview of everything I need to get done. Then I can tackle the tasks a little bit at a time as the week goes on. For example, because last week was my son’s birthday, I knew I had to run a lot of errands related to his birthday, so all those things were included in the weekly to do. It helped keep me on track and I knew I had a place to add more tasks for the week, just in case anything else might have come up.


Then lastly, everything from my weekly page slowly started to get transferred into my daily spreads. I kept my dailies festive with a party banner theme since it was my son’s birthday and I just loved how cohesive everything looked. I was able to handle each task as the week went on, and I’m happy to say I got most if not all of my tasks completed! So I would say this trickle down method absolutely works for me, as it provides insurance that I have not missed anything.

So that is how I go about my daily planning. Please check out my YouTube video in which I go into detail about daily planning and the method I use. Until next time! 🙂

Birthday Giveaway on Instagram!

Hi lovelies! I just wanted to take a minute to remind you all that there is still a little over a week left to enter my birthday giveaway on Instagram! In the spirit of my birthday month and spreading the love, the lucky winner will receive my favorite bullet journaling supplies at the moment, including:

File Apr 11, 2 41 57 PM

If you’ve been thinking about getting into bullet journaling, this is a great opportunity to possibly win some awesome loot so that you can get started and dive right in! You must be a follower on my Instagram account in order to enter the #alexandraplansbirthdaygiveaway. Giveaway will close on April 19, 2016 at 3 P.M. EST. Thank you and good luck!!

Bullet Journal Ideas inspired by Listers Gotta List

As we are all on a quest to find inspiration for a bullet journals, I found that I had inspiration right in front of me. This was in the form of my Listers Gotta List journals that I had started back in September. If you are not familiar with the Listers Gotta List challenge by The Reset Girl, it’s a monthly challenge that requires you to make lists on certain topics of your life. This can include ways to better yourself, reflecting back on certain memories, or what you have accomplished in a month’s time. When I flipped back to completed prompts, I had found there were TONS of ideas for bullet journal pages and for today’s post, I have broken them down into three categories: lists, personal development pages, and memories. So let’s get started!


I’m all about color and fun doodles, as I find that I’m such a visual person that I get joy out of my pages coming to life! Here I have three examples of lists, a possible shopping list, wish list and reading list.

This can be easily modified as a shopping list, especially for birthday gifts or for the holidays. I loved the idea of the stack of gifts and using stars as the bullet points.
Again, doodles reign supreme here. This was a craft/planner wish list prompt, so I incorporated blobs of paint as the bullet points and cute and fun doodles for added pizzazz. This can be easily modified for a fashion wish list as well.
reading list
This reading list is just so fun! This a great way to either document books you want to read or books you’ve already read. They can be drawn stacked horizontally as shown or vertically. Again, the possibilities are endless and this is just another way to jazz up your pages.

Personal Development Pages

The power of the written word is so important and has proven to be beneficial for me, so what better place to write down motivational quotes, empowering words, and write down goals? Well your bullet journal, of course! For something that we carry around with us all the time, the bullet journal is a great place to write down positive goals and affirmations that we want for ourselves, that will hopefully manifest into something greater and better. Below I have examples of personal development pages, including a mini vision board, personal development goals, and motivational pages.

mini vision board
The power of visualization is vital in attaining our goals and for better things to manifest in our lives. By creating a mini vision board in our bullet journals, it is a constant reminder of what we envision for ourselves and making it happen!

motivational quotespd goals

These two pages go hand in hand, as they provide motivation in times we find ourselves struggling and remind us of what our goals were in the first place. I also love the effect that the Tombow markers gave these pages to really make them pop.

words that empower me
Simple words of empowerment can do so much for our mentality, especially if we are to approach a big goal or task. This would compliment an affirmation page beautifully!


Capturing snapshots in time is a way to document what is important but gives the bullet journal an added dimension. It’s always fun to look back and reflect on memories made in a particular month or what you might have enjoyed at the moment. Below I have two examples of snapshot pages, including a currently.. page and memory pages.

2016-02-15 08.10.53
One of my favorite pages for my bullet journal include this snapshot page for what you’re into at any particular moment in time. This includes what you’re reading, watching and listening to at the moment.
memory bubble
If you are not an artist, memory bubbles are a great way to document memories throughout the month. Add some color, and boom! Your pages come to life! This is also a great way to practice hand lettering as that has become a great skill to master within the bullet journal community. Most importantly, though, have FUN with it! That’s what it’s all about!

Below are other examples of memory pages that were made in accordance to the time of year. Hope this gives you inspiration!

october memoriesnovember memoriesdecember memories

And there you have it! Ideas for your bullet journal that will bring your pages to life! Again, don’t be afraid of color or doodling, it’s what makes it fun! For more information on what supplies I use, please visit my FAQ page! Also, please check out my YouTube video on this exact topic. Enjoy!