Daily Planning in my Bullet Journal

Daily Planning in my Bullet Journal


One of the questions I often get asked is, “how do you know what to include in your daily spreads?”.. but most importantly, “How do you make sure you don’t forget anything in your daily spreads?” I use what I would call a “trickle down” method, in which I refer to certain pages in my bullet journal, from which that information would be transferred over to my weekly spread, and then from there be transferred over to my dailies. So let me break this down and let’s begin!


The first place I refer to is my long term planning and brain dump pages, if there is anything there that needs to be included, it will then get transferred over in to my weekly spread. This is where I tackle ideas that I want to get done, and referring to the brain dump page, reminds me of goals or tasks that I want to take on, but never had the chance to do, so if I feel like taking on a particular task, I will include it.


I then refer to my monthly log to see if there are any events, appointments or important dates that I might have missed in my brain dump/ long term page. Just like with the that page, any event going on will be included in my weekly spread as well.


Then I transfer everything over to my weekly, in which I also include a special section for meal planning and anything else I need to make note of. I found having the weekly spread to be super helpful to me, as it provides a general overview of everything I need to get done. Then I can tackle the tasks a little bit at a time as the week goes on. For example, because last week was my son’s birthday, I knew I had to run a lot of errands related to his birthday, so all those things were included in the weekly to do. It helped keep me on track and I knew I had a place to add more tasks for the week, just in case anything else might have come up.


Then lastly, everything from my weekly page slowly started to get transferred into my daily spreads. I kept my dailies festive with a party banner theme since it was my son’s birthday and I just loved how cohesive everything looked. I was able to handle each task as the week went on, and I’m happy to say I got most if not all of my tasks completed! So I would say this trickle down method absolutely works for me, as it provides insurance that I have not missed anything.

So that is how I go about my daily planning. Please check out my YouTube video in which I go into detail about daily planning and the method I use. Until next time! 🙂

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