Join us for the #doodlewithusinfebruary challenge!

Get ready for our next Instagram challenge for the month of February. It’s the #doodlewithusinfebruary challenge created by me and Christina from @christina77star ! The theme for February’s Prompts is ‘Outer Space’.
As we did before, all the doodles are part of one big comprehensive picture. Imagine each day to be one piece of the puzzle. So, at the end of the month you will have one big doodle picture! 🙂 If you decide to follow this way, you’ll have to create a table with 4×6 + 4 boxes and you shouldn’t add the days on the top. Or you can go ahead and create a full 5×6 table and just decorate the last two squares with anything you want that ties in with the outer space theme. You can also make the boxes and dates in pencil, if you don’t want the lines to obscure the end result. It’s totally up to you.
You can also download the printable page here, with all the boxes and the prompts ready for you.
If you want to join, but you prefer to draw the doodles in the traditional way, that’s absolutely fine as well. The important thing is to have fun!  All you have to do is to draw something according to the day’s prompt, take a photo of it, and share it with us. Don’t forget to add the hashtag #doodlewithusinfebruary. 28 days of doodles that will hopefully get you to be creative and have fun! We’re excited to see what you share!

Personal Planner Review + Giveaway

Hello everyone! Below I have an amazing opportunity for one lucky winner to receive a free planner or notebook of their choice from the lovely folks at Personal Planner. They are a company based out of Sweden that creates custom made notebooks and planners with amazing paper quality! Watch the video below for my review of their amazing products and giveaway rules. I also have the rules posted down below for your convenience.

Thanks for watching!
Use discount code P-LANN-ER16 for 15% off your Personal Planner order from now until August 21, 2016.
Giveaway Rules:

❖Subscribe to my channel!

❖Must be following my Instagram:

❖Must be following Personal Planner’s Instagram:

❖Decide what size planner you want from:

❖Comment on my YouTube video with the planner size you want to win with your Instagram username!

Planner sizes:
-Mini: 4.1” x 5.6”
-Square: 5.8” x 5.6”
-Wide: 8.2” x 5.6”
-A5: 5.8” x 8.1”

+more information:

❖This giveaway is international!
❖Winner will be randomly picked!
❖Giveaway ends August 15, 2016 – 3 P.M. EST.

Good luck!

5K Giveaway on Instagram

Hello lovelies! I’m here to announce an awesome giveaway on my Instagram account in appreciation to each and every one of you, now that I’ve reached the 5K milestone on IG. So what better way to say thank you then with a giveaway, right? The giveaway includes:

  • Leuchtturm 1917 Orange Dot Grid Journal (A5 size)
  • 10 Pack Tombow Dual Brush Markers (Bright Pallette)

File Jun 15, 8 18 15 AM

To enter giveaway:

  • Follow me on Instagram @alexandra_plans
  • Tag a friend in the Instagram post
  • Repost this image with the hashtag #alexandraplans5kgiveaway

Other notes:

  • Only one entry per person
  • No giveaway accounts
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter
  • No private accounts. I won’t be able to see your entry.
  • Giveaway is open worldwide.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into bullet journaling, this is a great opportunity to possibly win some awesome loot so that you can get started and dive right in! You must be a follower on my Instagram account in order to enter the #alexandraplans5kgiveaway. Giveaway will close on June 21, 2016 at 3 P.M. EST. Thank you and good luck!!

Introducing the #doodlewithusinmay challenge!

I’m so excited to announce the #doodlewithusinmay challenge created by me and Christina @christina77star !
31 days of doodles that will hopefully get you to be creative and have fun!
Join us on Instagram by drawing something according to the day’s prompt, take a photo of it, and share it with us.  Add the hashtag #doodlewithusinmay.

IG Challenge 1 - May 1

Everyone is welcome! We’re excited to see what you share!
Thank you for joining in!

Easy Ways to Decorate your Bullet Journal

If you were to take a look at the original bullet journal website by Ryder Carroll, you’ll notice that the bullet journal is supposed to be simple and minimalist in its purest form. However, with the explosion of the bullet journal community in recent months, bullet journalists have really risen the bar on what bullet journals should look like. (Pinterest and Instagram are no help to this either.) And so, it’s become a thing that your bullet journal HAS to be decorated with pretty fonts and banners and full of color. Many feel intimidated by this citing that they have no artistic ability and they can never make their bullet journals look so pretty. I’m here to tell you that everyone has the ability to make their pages come to life with a few helpful tricks that ANYONE can do. So let’s begin with what I like to call my bullet journal cheats: easy ways to make your bullet journal look pretty without being an artist to begin with.

Now let me tell you, I am by no means a professional artist; I’ve just learned that by perfecting certain fonts, and doodles, you can make yourself look like a pro. Fake it till you make it, right?

So the best way I can even begin to explain this is by simply showing you what I’ve learned. In the video below, I go over easy tricks that you can use for lettering, headers, and separators. These are some simple tricks that I’ve learned along the way that I’m now passing along to all of you to not only feel inspired, but to bring out the inner artist you didn’t even know you had. Enjoy!