cropped-ap.jpgHello and welcome to my little space on the internet! My name is Alexandra and I’m a history teacher currently on maternity leave. Having kept a planner ever since I can remember and having a love for planning to begin with (I mean, that’s what teachers do, right?), I rekindled my love for everything planner related in July of 2015. I was amazed at how close-knit and inspiring the planning community was and I dove right in!  I’ve also taken up drawing again, something I haven’t done since about the eighth grade and I forgot how much I missed it. The combination of planning and doodling has really allowed me to set up a style that’s my own and it’s constantly evolving..

..so with that being said, welcome to my journey as I find new methods for living a more organized life, combining a system that is aesthetically pleasing but is also functional.

Hope you enjoy!